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It is the end of January 2020 and I am being asked (a lot) about the possible threat that the Coronavirus may pose. Specifically, “What do we do?” I am not sure that any main media channel is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth because independent news sources seem to be painting a very different picture. “What to do,” is answered below, but also consider that it is possible that the whole thing is being created to breed fear so people will go running to get the vaccine when it is offered. There are independent researchers out there claiming that more people get the flu from the flu shot, than would have gotten it naturally. If that is true, would the same be true with a possible vaccine for Coronavirus? You decide. One thing is for sure, If you get a flu or illness as a side effect of a vaccine, it is much, much more difficult to reverse.

I remained on the fence about the real threat with this Coronavirus story, but then in early February, this post came out saying it was a bioweapon released by mistake … And the World Health Organization issued an urgent warning to all the countries of the world, urging nations “to be ready for a domestic outbreak.” Whatever the real truth is, prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure, so let us all be prudent and stay ahead of this possible threat. There are natural things that should take care of this threat if it visits your home or your loved ones. To answer the many questions I am getting about what to do, here is what I am doing for my family. I am not making a claim here, just sharing what I will personally do.


HOMEOPATHIC. The first thing I will do is use the Coronavirus Detox Remedy. This remedy is designed to be the Quantum “antidote” for Coronavirus. It works on the same principle as a Homeopathic Medicine (like cures like). If the virus comes to my area, I would take this remedy as a preventative 2-3 times a day. If I got ANY cold or flu-like symptoms, I would take a half dropper every waking hour. A dropper full is 1ml. I will assume I may need to continue at this dose for 5-7 days. Remember this is pretty contagious, so if one person in my family gets it, I would dose everyone in the family right away at the dropper per hour rate. There are about 120 doses in the 2 ounce bottle, so I might need to have several bottles around if I am treating a family of 4 every hour for a week.


IODINE. The Supplement I would choose to use with controlling this virus, would be Iodine. Lugols 2% is my favorite. Iodine remains in its highest saturation in the Thyroid. Iodine is known to be antimicrobial, which is why it is used to disinfect the skin before surgery. Every 17 minutes, all the blood in your body passes through your Thyroid and gets “dosed” with iodine which acts to kill any germs that should not be in the body. Lugols is a special for of Iodine that can be used internally. Again, if this virus comes to my city, I will use 5-10 drops a day as a preventative. If I get ANY sign of cold/flu symptoms, I will use a minimum of 10 drops a day, and as many as 20 (I am an adult of 80# or more). I will use half that dose for my children 50-80 lb, and I probably would not use this for small children (unless you are a practitioner and know what you are doing or can muscle test for it.) I will take the daily dose all at once, but I could choose to spread it out through the day. It stains whatever it touches, including the skin, so I will dilute it in an ounce of juice, maybe a strong one like pomegranate.

ABOUT IODINE OVERDOSE. It is generally a non-issue that I can over dose at the doses above. But there will be some people who question that. If you get too much iodine in the body, you may notice some heart racing which is no more harmful than running to the mailbox and back. I cannot get actual Iodine poisoning at these doses.

Natural Immunogenics Sovereign SilverĀ® Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™

COLLOIDAL SILVER is The best natural antibiotic made by man. My favorite way to use silver for any kind of respiratory condition, is through aerosol delivery directly into the sinuses. This means you will need a Nebulizer with a delivery option that fits over the mouth and nose. Walmart seems to have a very inexpensive version. I have one at home that looks almost identical to this one. Battery operated, and very silent, we use this if a sniffle even crosses our face! The Colloidal silver is put in the top reservoir and it is converted into steam. This is breathed into the mouth and nose, and is delivered directly to the area where the virus is probably hibernating. I prefer aerosol delivery over oral dosing because it bypasses the intestine, where it would have killed off some of your good bacteria.

Image result for battery operated nebulizer

I am not one that uses Silver as a preventative, so you would use this when you get the first sign of cold or flu, and then everyone in the house should use it as follows: Cover the mouth and nose with the face mask, turn on the machine and breath normally in and out of the nose and mouth (so mouth slightly open). Continue this for 7-15 minutes. You can repeat this three times a day if you need to.

NOTE ABOUT SILVER. In order for the silver to be delivered through tiny water droplets of steam (aerosol), the particle size of the silver has to be 1nm or smaller. The only company I know that makes a silver this small is the Sovereign Silver. PPM is completely irrelevant, it is all about the particle size.

LASTLY, don’t be afraid. As a general rule, the human body has every ability to conquer any invading germ. Fear is the opposite of faith and belief. Honor your body if it wants to sleep and rest, and eat as healthy as you possibly can when you are asking your body to overcome an illness. Dehydration is the main reason people end up in the hospitals, so keep the healthy liquids coming. Any herbal tea that supports the Lungs (Mullein, Peppermint, Ginger), and even Eucalyptus Essential oil mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed externally on the upper chest and back can be of help.

Most people need some Iodine, and everyone needs Colloidal Silver at home, so even if the threatening virus never comes, these are useful for general health and should be kept on hand. We only provide Quantum remedies to members, which you can become by creating an account on this website. Add the following items to your cart, then check out, accept the membership, and you are good to go.

Coronavirus Detox Remedy ($9.95)
Lugols 2% is my favorite ($15.95)

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