Dr. Christopher’s Eye Wash

For the healing of Glaucoma, Cataract, Macular Degeneration, general eye infection and better eye sight.

The formula contains a number of different herbs, each having their own purpose. For example, there is cayenne pepper, which stimulates the eye tissues and improves the circulation in them. There is golden seal root, which kills any infection or bacteria in the eye tissues. There is bayberry bark, and red raspberry which promote the growth of new, healthy eye tissue. Finally there’s eyebright, an herb which has been used to cure eye problems for the last seven hundred years.

Often, within a week after starting, people notice mucus and pus coming out of their eyes when they wake up. This is simply damaged cells and toxic materials which are being cleansed from the eyes. One lady called me after taking the eye formula for only two days. She said, “Dr. Christopher, I woke up this morning and my eyes were almost glued shut with mucus.”

I told her she was lucky. I said, “If the mucus comes out of your eyes at that rate, you’ll have your vision back in no time.”

You see, when the entire eye is cleaned out, the vision will naturally improve. When the waste material comes out of the muscles, the muscles will become stronger and will be able to focus better. When the lens in the eye is cleaned out, it will become almost crystal clear. When this happens, light rays will travel through the entire lens and will be focused on the retina without being distorted, which usually happens when the lens is cloudy. In addition, the optic nerve itself will become much more sensitive and it will send picture images to and from the brain many times quicker.

Also the eyewash will increase the circulation in the eye. This means nutrients will travel more quickly to the eye and the eye will regenerate at a faster rate. This circulation is vitally important in relation to the eye lens. There are no blood vessels in the lens itself. It depends entirely on the freeflowing humorous liquids which bathe the lens on both sides. So when nutrients can get to the lens quickly, and when waste products can be discharged from the lens easily, a person’s focusing ability is bound to improve.

Now the quality of the herbs you use will completely dictate your results. If you use commercial herbs, you may not get results. Make sure you use organic or wild harvested herbs. Find them as loose, dry herbs, not powdered form.

You Will Need:

  • 1 part Eyebright herb,
  • 1 part Bayberry bark,
  • 1 part Red raspberry,
  • 1 part Goldenseal, and
  • 1/8 part Cayenne.

To make the eyewash, put one teaspoon of the formula in a cup of boiling distilled water. You should never use tap water. When the tea has cooled, and the herbs have settled to the bottom, pour the solution through a clean piece of cotton or wool. Don’t use any synthetic fibers. Then pour a small amount in a glass eye cup, which you can get in any drug store.

To use the eyewash, place the cup over one of the eyes and blink the eye for a few times, then rest the eye for a few moments. This will let the eye become accustomed to being washed. Then repeat with the other eye. Keep using the eyewash until you can blink about 20 times with each eye. The second day, you can try to leave the eyes open for a few seconds in the solution. Your eyes may sting in the beginning. But the more you use the eyewash, the easier it will be.

Keep using the eyewash three times a day, and try to keep your eyes open in the solution for longer and longer periods. Hopefully, within a week you should be able to keep them open for five minutes at a time. If you can do this persistently, day in and day out you’ll be well on your way toward correcting any vision problems you may have. If your eyes are really bad, you can take the eyewash 5 or 6 times a day.

Also, I urge you to take three capsules of the formula twice a day internally. This is absolutely essential if you expect to get complete results.

See the full article here: http://home.roadrunner.com/~thadson/savelife/schulze/articles/15eyecure.htm 

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