Dr. DeHaan’s Healing Discovery

Traditional, or modern medicine is based on Newtonian principles, which promote that the body cannot heal, it can only be maintained. This is why the world of medicine is based on medication and surgery, because Newton believed that once you are ill, the best you can do is maintain from that point. So instead of helping the body heal from gallbladder disease, they just cut it out. Instead of trying to help the immune system rid the infection causing tonsillitis, they just cut it out. Even medication does not initiate any healing, it just covers up the symptom like a pain pill. Sadly, modern medicine has become a financially based corporation that treats the body more like a piece of mechanical equipment than it does a living organism created with the inherent miracle to heal itself. All it needs to do that are the right ingredients and tools.

Discovery #1, not deficiency, but dormancy

Diet and lifestyle obviously play a large part in how well your body is able to heal and how quickly it will respond to treatment when a health condition arises. But when people think of natural healing, the first thought generally goes to supplements. We consider that if the body is sick, it must have become deficient in some essential element – maybe a vitamin or mineral or fatty acid? Building the immune system with herbal supplements and high quality vitamins and minerals is an excellent idea! Dr. DeHaan utilized this line of thinking in his practice for quite some time, until he discovered something far more effective.

This theory has been tried and proven with phenomenal success for almost two decades! In a nutshell, the body never becomes deficient and never actually runs out of a nutrient! Wow! What? To help understand this concept, think of every nutrient in your body like a light bulb. If you walk into a room and the light is off, your first thought is not that you need to change the light bulb. No, your first thought is that you need to flip the switch and turn the current on so the bulb will light up. What most people don’t realize is that the nutrition they ingest in a healthy diet is only utilized because there is a current, a frequency that charges that nutrient to make it nutritionally effective.

How does this essential current become dormant? Sometimes it is inherited, it can also be from eating a diet that is unhealthy and unbalanced, age can be a factor and accumulated toxins contribute a lot. Your body exhibits symptoms as if the nutrient or element is not there, but it simply became inactive, unavailable. When you supply the current, the nutrients are ‘powered on,’ the body’s intelligence and immune system are restored, symptoms dissipate and tissues begin to heal. And so Dr. DeHaan’s primary method of treatment is by supplying the frequency, the current, needed to turn everything back on. All of the Quantum Nutrients listed under the Nutrition section were created for this exact reason.

Discovery #2, there is always a toxin present

The main reason the immune system needs help staying ‘alert and ready’ is because of the many toxins and poisons the body is exposed to. The human body has always had to fight bacteria, fungus and viruses, these have been around as long as mankind has. So why doesn’t the immune system take care of these things any more? Why do some infections rage out of control? And why do people have so many allergies and issues that the immune system should be taking care of?

The modern world exposes the human body to more than 100,000 FDA approved toxins and poisons, many of which are known to cause cancer and other health issues. These are a new threat to the body that the immune system was never designed to deal with. Consider household cleaning agents, vaccinations, toiletries, fluoride, preservatives, artificial flavorings, genetically modified foods, environmental pollution, environmental radiation, medications, etc. Because the human body was not designed to deal with most of these toxins and poisons, they simply accumulate in body tissues and eventually become the cause of many health issues. When the body gets overwhelmed with these poisons, the immune system becomes unable to deal with the day-to-day microorganisms that we are exposed to. Infections rage out of control, viruses and bacteria mutate, and the immune system is simply too busy to take care of it all. Now we can do our best shopping for the right supplements, spending money and hoping those pills we swallow will pay off or why don’t we just target the reason the immune system is overwhelmed? Get rid of the irritating factor and the immune system is no longer over worked! Perhaps this helps you understand why we have so many options under the detox section.

Discovery #3, treat it from every angle

Perhaps you have noticed that alternative, or holistic practitioners tend to specialize in certain modalities. The Acupuncturist uses one method, the Chiropractor another, the person that specializes in diet and Nutrition has a different way, the Homeopath uses another, etc. Everyone has a theory on how and what the body needs to get well naturally. If you break down all the different ways the body heals, you have three primary categories that are essential (not including emotional, spiritual):

  1. Nutritional balance
  2. Balance to the organ/gland
  3. Detoxification

The Get Well, Stay Well At Home system is designed to target all three. If the right combination of remedies are used, the nutrition needed to make the organ/gland healthier is supplied and detoxification occurs, which further allows the organs and glands to heal. This website was set up in such a way that you can find the Symptom or Disease you struggle with (we call this your health condition). On that page it will suggest the best combination of remedies for you. If you don’t have a particular symptom you need to address, you might consider the System remedy that is a weak tendency in your family tree. For example, a history of colon cancer, read up on cancer and use the Large Intestine remedy. Feel free to use our On-Line Consultation option if you need help identifying the right combination.

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