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Attention Office Clients

To All those who love Dr. D & miss him, We are writing this letter to give you insight into the practitioner that Dr. D chose to ‘fill his shoes’ in his absence. Susan Reynolds, a close friend and firm … Continue reading

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CALL 9-1-1 if:

There are times you may feel like you are dying, yet it is nothing to be alarmed about. But there are times that you need professional help .. EMERGENCY ROOM help! I love to see people get well at home. … Continue reading

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Dr. DeHaan’s Healing Discovery

Traditional, or modern medicine is based on Newtonian principles, which promote that the body cannot heal, it can only be maintained. This is why the world of medicine is based on medication and surgery, because Newton believed that once you … Continue reading

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Every Illness Is Curable

THERE IS NO INCURABLE ILLNESS. Only A Lack Of Understanding How To Heal It. Doctors can’t heal anyone, not even Dr. DeHaan can heal. The only reason you recovered the last time you were sick is because your body healed … Continue reading

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Detox Is NOT The Same As Cleansing

We believe Detox is one of the most imperative aspects of Getting Well or Staying Well in the modern world. Think of it this way, if you get a splinter in your hand and leave it there, you can hardly … Continue reading

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Elimination, Do It Or Get Sick

Elimination of waste is very important to your health. Waste is created during the digestive process and the metabolic process, not to mention waste formed from all the foods we eat. Waste is also created when toxins accumulate and interfere … Continue reading

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START HERE! Diet / Lifestyle Basics

 WHAT YOU EAT TODAY WILL DICTATE THE AMOUNT OF HEALTH YOU HAVE TOMORROW AND … DETERMINE, AT LEAST IN PART, HOW WELL YOUR BODY WILL HEAL We provide the most complete “medicinal cabinet” and an easy-to-use format on, but true health … Continue reading

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