How the Hands Aid Digestion

How the hands aid in digestion

One of the first stages in digestion is the role the hands play in bringing the food to your mouth. How was food intended to get to your mouth? Forks and spoons are part of the new civilized world, but how was it created to be in the beginning? Were we not made with hands to bring the food to our mouths? A dipper or bowl of sorts was used to get soup and liquids to the mouth, but fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and even meats had no way of getting to the mouth unless the hands were used to get them there.

The hands are one of the four most electrical parts of the human body. The first is the brain, the second is the tongue, the third is the groin and the fourth is the hands. The hands actually emit an electromagnetic current that can be measured (Praywell by Walter Weston). It is no mistake that the hands were to be used to deliver food to the mouth because the electricity emitting from the hands actually charge the particles in the food. Each one of us has a slight variation in our electromagnetic fields, and food particles will digest much more easily if the elements in them are converted to your particular field pattern before they enter the mouth. This process can be so powerful that food poisoning can be neutralized before it enters the mouth. The hands don’t kill it as much as they change the spin of the cells so that the body recognizes it, sets up a defense against it and eliminates it as quickly as possible. NOTE: It is interesting that God put Gideon’s men through a test that included picking water up in their hands instead of stooping to drink with their mouths.

Don’t worry, I am not an advocator of eating with your hands. I realize we must live in the world without appearing like cavemen.  But there is a way to get the same effect without actually touching your food. As food sits on your plate, you can place your hands on the side of the plate almost as if you were warming your hands on the warm food. Bend the hands a little, don’t hold them straight and rigid. Your hands should be in such a manner as if you were going to scoop the plate up. With your hands around the food, your cup of juice, or any item, you are creating an electromagnetic sphere that will literally charge the particles in the food and make them more acceptable. It can actually change a candy bar into an almost neutral item rather than the toxic, chemical-filled junk food that it is. Again, it is not making the food item good for you, but it changes the rotation of the current so that the molecular configuration is a less harmful. The item can interact with more harmony as digestion and your intestines do what they must with it much more easily. I know it sounds crazy, but I had to tell you about it. After all, if I don’t tell you, who will?

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