OrganoMineral Complex Daily Use

It is recommended that each person take at least one ounce daily to supply all elemental nutrition needed by the body. If there are health conditions or concerns that need correction, 2 or more ounces can be used, increasing to as many as 8 - 10 ounces each day in critical health conditions. If you take large doses, increase the amount slowly to avoid causing diarrhea as higher amounts will cause intense purging of toxins and waste.

OMCx is safe for all ages. It is organic, gluten free and should be considered a medicinal food item, meaning it cannot cause any harm to any living thing.

The taste is most often described as that of wheat grass juice mixed with sprouts. It can be taken straight, or mixed with water or an organic juice of your choice.

Because there are a variety of complexes in the juice, it will settle and separate a little, so please shake gently before each use. The product is shipped chilled with an ice pack, please keep it chilled once it arrives.

How Long Should I Use OMCx?
The answer to that depends on your end goal. If you seek to keep your body in its prime because you are supplying every element the body needs to cancel the normal process of telomere degradation, DNA transcription errors, aging and decomposition, then you will want to take at least one ounce daily always.

If you are someone who has health complaints or diagnosed diseases, remember that you did not get sick in a day. It took time for your body to become depleted to the point that illness was manifested. So it will take some time to rebuild the body again. The length of time depends on what exact condition you have, and the genetics involved. Herrings Law states that the body needs one month to heal for every year it has been sick.

As a basic guideline, three months of use should produce basic changes in body chemistry / symptom relief. You can double the dosage (2 ounces daily) and often achieve results faster. 6-9 months of use renders the supplied elements with enough sufficiency to begin correcting transcription errors. If you wanted to have the healthiest babies (pregnancy) and not pass on your genetic issues, both parents should use the OMCx for at least 6-9 months before getting pregnant.

We have seen cancers in a variety of organs completely healed and eliminated after less than one year of OMCx, along with a moderately alkaline diet.

Scientific Rational (.pdf)

Organo Mineral Complex

The perfect, medicinal grade, whole food

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