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When the body gets exposed to toxic metal substances, it is often referred to as "heavy metal toxicity." In layman terms, a heavy metal has a specific gravity and belongs to the group of metals that are literally heavier in nature. But the metals in this class are not the only ones that cause us harm. In truth, any element from the periodic table that has not gone through the process of photosynthesis is considered an inorganic item and is not good for the human body. Our "Metal Detox" Remedies work to detoxify all of the elements in their class, not just the "heavy" ones commonly discussed.

The human body can only utilize organic elements. This means it came from a plant source which underwent photosynthesis. Exposure and accumulation of any inorganic element at any level is useless to the body in the best case scenario and toxic in the worst case. The source of most vitamins and minerals in today's culture are not derived from plants. Yes, your body will show that your iron and calcium and other minerals are better in blood tests because those molecules are registering, but they are not what your body absorbs and utilizes efficiently. Just because you have a nice car in your driveway doesn't guarantee it runs well, right? If you have been taking supplements that are not from plant sources, you need to take the appropriate remedy and balance those elements. They may not be as hazardous as metals like aluminum and mercury, but they are not conducive for good long term health.

Metals, or rather, "elements" tend to accumulate in soft tissue and then in organs, glands, the nervous system, etc. When these metals (elements) get in the body, they "dock" in locations designed for nutrients but they cannot provide biological function. For example, instead of calcium being present in an enzyme reaction; lead, cadmium, lithium, chlorine or some other toxic element may be there in its place. Their presence becomes critically disruptive. Due to their impact being at such a foundational level, metal (elemental) toxicity can be the cause of almost any health concern.

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Actinides Detox Remedy

Detoxification of all Actinides toxicity and related complications

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Lanthanides Detox Remedy

Detoxification of all Lanthanides toxicity and related complications

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Noble gasses Detox Remedy

Detoxification of all Noble gasses toxicity and related complications

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