Your Virtual Dr.D

 THE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION OPTION is NO LONGER available. We are longer allowed to suggest what you should take in this format. But that is ok! The selection process of creating your own program is very simple, and very effective! Just three steps - Select a Symptom Remedy, Add the System Support, and pick a detox that you think might apply.

One of the real keys to achieving results is the right combination of remedies. The wild card is generally the Detox (Step 3). For example, Acne is almost always linked to the specific bacteria listed, so the protocol for Acne has been provided, no consultation is generally needed.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired,
let us help you begin your healing miracle today!

Remember the 3 steps, as outlined in the right.

If you find that you have tried the three steps and are not getting the results you seek, you may contact our office headquarters and ask about a consultation with Dr.D.

Virtual Consultation form >> NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Step 1:

Acne Relief Remedy

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Step 2:

Skin Support Remedy

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Large Intestine Support Remedy

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Step 3:

Proprionibacterium Detox Remedy

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Add On:

Bowel Stimulant

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