Ingredients of Digestive Aid

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All enzymes in this formula are of the highest quality, derived from plant sources.

Protease - Any of various enzymes, including the endopeptidases and exopeptidases that catalyze the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins into peptides or amino acids. In other words, this enzyme is used for protein digestion in the stomach and pancreas. A protein digesting enzyme.

Lipase - Any of a group of enzymes secreted in the digestive tract that catalyzes the hydrolysis of fats into glycerol and fatty acids or simply catalyzes the breakdown fats. A fat digesting enzyme.

Amylase - Any of a group of enzymes that are present in saliva, pancreatic juice, and parts of plants and catalyze the hydrolysis of starch to sugar to produce carbohydrate derivatives. A carbohydrate-digesting enzyme.

Lactase - An enzyme occurring in certain yeasts and in the intestinal juices of mammals and catalyzing the hydrolysis of lactose into glucose and galactose. This enzyme is required to break down the sugar in milk (dairy). A simple sugar-digesting enzyme that digest milk sugar.

Superoxide dismutase - The enzyme that your body uses to detoxify and fight cell damage. It also functions as an antioxidant. Every cell in the body uses 'SOD' to combat damaging free radicals produced by normal cellular reactions. As we age, our bodies produce less SOD, which may lead to aging and the possible development of degenerative diseases. SOD also helps to reduce inflammation of joints working as a pain reliever in many cases if enough is used.

Bromelain - A proteolytic enzyme capable of digesting protein. Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory agent. Bromelain is a natural blood thinner because it prevents excessive blood platelet stickiness.

Papain - This is one of the most important ingredients of the papaya fruit. It is one of the essential enzymes required for healthy digestion and intestinal health.

Pepsin - A digestive enzyme found in gastric juice that catalyzes the breakdown of protein to peptides. An unorganized proteolytic ferment or enzyme contained in the secretory glands of the stomach. In the gastric juice it is united with dilute hydrochloric acid (0.2 per cent, approximately) and the two together constitute the active portion of the digestive fluid. It is the active agent in the gastric juice.

Trypsin –a protein splitting (proteolytic) enzyme. This enzyme splits the bonds between particular combinations of amino acids in proteins. Because no single enzyme can split all the possible combinations of amino acids, several enzymes are necessary for the complete digestion of protein molecules.

Chymotrypsin - This enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of peptide bonds of proteins in the small intestine. A pancreatic digestive enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of certain proteins in the small intestine into polypeptides and amino acids.

Ginger –Benefits of ginger include its ability to cleanse the colon, reduce spasms and cramps, stimulate circulation, and aid metabolism. How does Ginger work in the digestive system? It helps protect the gastric system by increasing the pH of stomach acid, reducing its acidity, thereby lowers the rate of gastric secretions, and increasing digestive enzyme activity.

Gentian - Gentian consists of the dried rhizomes and roots of Gentiana lutea L. Bitter. Digestive stimulant. Eases stomach pain.

Turmeric - stimulates digestion in the stomach.

Citrus peel - Increases the production of digestive fluids, is known to lower cholesterol and increases blood circulation.

Fringe tree - This herb has many uses including: aiding in digestion of fats, breaking down excessive mucous discharge in the stomach, normalizes appetite and helps the spleen and pancreas.

Peppermint - used for colds, flu, fevers, gas and mild digestive disorders.

Cayenne - used to stimulate digestion, circulation, and metabolism.

Goldenseal - an alleviator of indigestion, gas, heartburn and aids digestion.

Sweet root - is another wonderful herb for all digestive issues.

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Digestive Aid-out of stock

Use with all meals for best digestion.

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Digestive Aid - out of stock

Use with all meals for best digestion.


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Your daily fiber intake keeps you regular.


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The natural alternative to pepto-bismol.


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