Attention Office Clients

To All those who love Dr. D & miss him,

We are writing this letter to give you insight into the practitioner that Dr. D chose to ‘fill his shoes’ in his absence.

Susan Reynolds, a close friend and firm believer in natural healing started her TBA certification process in 2008. She was a banker as a full time, unfulfilling career during her training period. By 2012 she had grown enough of her own client base, she left banking and started to do TBA full time. She has continued to train directly with Dr. D once a month and stay in touch with him continually about new ideas, new protocols etc. Every time he created anything new, ie kits or emotional code, she purchased the kits and learned firsthand from him how to use the new product/system.

She has been very effective in her results. She completes her consults in the same exact manner and technique as Dr. D. She is a warm, caring, compassionate person who uses her God given gift of intuition to guide her during the consults which results in people getting better, even being healed from major health issues.

Dr. D is very confident having her here in his office, taking care of all those whom he cares about and who depend on him for their health remaining intact.

Please do not hesitate to email and/or call us at our office to make your appointments today!

This is Dr. D’s way of taking care of all of you, please know it will bring him peace of mind to know that you are all being taken care of by someone he trusts and has confidence in during his absence.

You can reach us at 704-730-9115 or email

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers during this difficult time.


Dr. DeHaan and Ginger

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