Self Diagnostics For Home Use -sometimes you just need to figure it out for yourself

Low Thyroid - Place a thermometer on your bed stand and take your temperature first thing in the morning, before you get up; do it while you are still laying down. If the temperature is between 97.8 and 98.2, you probably have low thyroid.

Adrenal Test - Rest in the laying position for five minutes, then take blood pressure. Stand up and retake blood pressure. If the standing systolic pressure (lower number) is lower than the number you got while in the laying position, you should suspect hypoadrenia (the systolic should be 4-10 mm/Hg higher when standing).

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*Another test is to shine a light in the eye. The pupil should constrict within seconds. The pupil should stay constricted for a short time after light is removed. If it dilates immediately after removing the light source, you can also suspect hypoadrenia (low adrenal function).

Malignancy Test - It has been found that hCG, the same hormones released in the presence of pregnancy is released when there is cancer in the body (trophoblast cells secretes hCG hormone when pregnant or in the presence of cancer). So males and females can take this test as a precursor to cancer. A standard pregnancy test probably will not pick up anything until TBA registers a 4 or higher on the challenge scale. Use suggests people (including men) take a pregnancy test anytime I find a high number with the malignant vial, if they were not aware of any cancer. This is not to scare them, but to work as a second opinion and help them understand that they need to follow through with TBA and the advice I am giving (diet/lifestyle) so we can eliminate the cancer, which will then show a clean test! And the regular doctors will never have to know it happened.

Clogged Arteries - Attempt to bend the fingers of the hand backwards (all but the thumb). If you can bend the fingers back 45 degrees, you are fine. That is all the fingers together now.

Diabetic Tendencies - If you have skin tags, there is a good chance that you have some insulin issues. While the pancreas is generally targeted, it is normally a liver congestion issue.

Cholesterol - Most cholesterol testing and incorporation into health care is totally useless. The body makes more cholesterol than most people can eat in a day. You know cholesterol is an issue with the liver not functioning properly, but don’t worry about the numbers too much. If Homocystein is not high, the cholesterol is not an issue no matter what the numbers are. If the whites of the eyes are not yellow, then you know the client is not in trouble. By the way, cholesterol should stay at least 200-220. Lower is not good in our profession as it means there is not enough fat. We call the lower number pre-cancer environment.

PH MEASURMENTS FOR HEALTH • Saliva pH - Regular pH paper measures intra-cellular toxicity. Acid pH indicates liver toxicity and often bowel stagnation; alkaline indicates too much sugar in blood, check the pancreas.

• Urine pH - Regular pH paper measures extra-cellular toxicity, which indicates acidity of the stomach; if pH is too alkaline, minerals are not being digested.